Resumé: Geordon Collins
DOB: March 15, 2004
Height: 4’11”
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
PriyanathYoung RichardAnietie Obong/Shaken World
JericoPercy SpurlingSeckeita Taylor/TigerEye Films
Inside EditionParty GuestCharles McLravy
Hex BugPrincipalKeith Dodgen
Promise Land DairyExtraJohn Williams/Karmen Leech
Boy Scouts of AmericaExtraTim Kemple
Chuck E. CheeseExtraThe Richards Group
Chuck E. Cheese-PBS PartnerPrincipalThe Richards Group
Texas Rangers-MascotsPrincipalRush Olsen
Great Wolf LodgeExtraHill Holliday
Voice Over
Office Depot/Office MaxCool KidRadio Disney
The Skit Guys-Father’s Day 2014PrincipalBrian Cates
Juicy Juice-FruitifulsPrincipalStewart Cohen
Oncor Electricity Safety Kit GamePrincipalBuck Choate
American Heart AssociationSick StudentDavid Blood
American Heart AssociationGrandsonMichael Moss
Microsoft-ChilisFamily MemberIntegrated Talent
Baby Booker T. WashingtonYoung Art StudentMatthew Gray
Online Safety KitVideo Game NarratorOncor Electricity
Voyager LearningStudentCambium Learning Group
Sports AuthorityJr. Size PlayerInvodo
Training VideoStudentCambium Learning Group
Acting for Television and FilmConstance Jones2013-present
Commercial Audition WorkshopChris Ann Seay2012
Just CommercialsKina Bale(Cast-O-Matic)2012
On Camera Acting Workshop-Day PlayerToni Cobb Brock2011
Intensive On-Camera ActingBrock & Allen Casting2011
Talent, Skills, Hobbies
Easy to direct and adjust on camera
Sports (swimming, basketball, football, golf, tennis, baseball)
Loves all animals (dogs, horses, farm, insects, reptiles)
Dancing (hip-hop, freestyle, stepping)
Funny faces/Sense of humor