Resumé: Grant Griffith
DOB: 09-13-97
Height: 6’
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
The Interrogation (Short)LeadGrant Griffith
Chasing Esmeralda (Short)LeadNicholle Walton Durban
Pizza for Three (Short)SupportingVishal Bhat
Battle Run (Trailer)RunnerKeith Duncan
Twelve Dancing PrincessesPrince JustinActors Conservatory Theater
Puss-N-BootsSoldier/Flag GuardActors Conservatory Theater
Christmas ShowcaseSelf- soloSunCreek Theater
ExposureSelf-SoloThe Hub Theater
COMMERCIALS List Available Upon Request
Galaxy Starz(Intro Video)Lead Shaee Star Studios
Galaxy Starz (Motion Comic Book)LeadShaee Star Studios
JC PenneyLeadJC Penney, on-site
LiteracyLeadDiamond Thomas
VO for AnimationSara (Goldberg) ShermanL.A. Calif.
Voice Over TrainingBruce CareyVoices Carey
Masters Acting ClassesCathryn SullivanDallas, TX
Teen Acting ClassesNancy ChartierNC Acting Studio
Performance Masters ClassChris Ann SeayDallas, TX
Scene Study/AuditionAmber HornDallas, TX
Improvisation WorkshopsCathryn HarttDallas, TX
Casting Director WorkshopsCathryn SullivanDallas, TX
Commercial WorkshopsVicki BaumannDallas, TX
Chris Ann SeayDallas, TX
Martial Arts TrainingFreddie Poole/T. RiosFreddie Poole’s Martial Arts
SPECIAL SKILLS:Basketball-8yrs, Football-5yrs, Baseball, Track-running sprints, hurdles, and high jump, Snow Board, Swim-freestyle and backstroke, Snorkel, Surfing, Bicycle, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Rappelling, Skeet Shooting, Hand Gun Safety Class, Air Soft/Pellet/Nerf Guns, Archery, Driver’s License, Acoustic and Electric Guitar (3yrs), Martial Arts(Beg.)