Resumé: Gryfon Barker
Independent Film
Adventure On Willow StreetShelly/LeadDirector Kathryn Slaughter
Camp Winoaka IIMaggie/LeadDirector Brad Corn
Adventure with the Allen'sJanet/LeadMade for Cable TV Pilot
My FatherLauren/LeadDTFW Productions
ATT/BoyscoutsGirlscoutDigital Hause Productions
Supermedia Training VideoAshley/LeadSupermedia Productions
Being YourselfHailey/LeadDTFW Productions
Hidden TruthJaimie/LeadDallas Young Actors Studio
BulliesBrenda/LeadDallas Young Actors Studio
Going to PartiesMandy/LeadDTFW Productions
A New BeginningMaddie/LeadDTFW Productions
Making the Grade 2Laurie/LeadDTFW Productions
True FriendsKim/LeadDTFW Productions
Foster ChildErica/LeadDTFW Productions
Christmas SpiritCatherineDYAS Performing Arts Center
Backstage Pass to Comedy Alley IIIImprov PerformerDYAS Improv Troupe
Lights! Camera! Laughter!SelfDYAS Performing Arts Center
Do You Believe in ElvesLeadDYAS Performing Arts Center
Day's with the Daniel'sJennyDYAS Performing Arts Center
What's Next On SetImprov PerformerDYAS Performing Arts Center
Comedy & drama scripts, improvisation, cold reading, commercials, monologues, scene study, green screen (2009-present)Linda Seto, DirectorDallas Young Actors Studio and Performance Center
Hollywood Showcase (2012, 2011, 2010)Bob Preston, Cindy Osbrink/ L.A. Agents, Deborah Dion/ L.A. Casting Director & Mary Grady
      Upcoming Actress (2012)
      Honorable Mention – Drama Scene (2012)
      3rd Place – Comedy Scene (2011)
Dallas Commercial Showcase (2012)Amy Levy-Lancaster, Shannon Pinkston / Casting Directors; Barbara Blanchette, Amy Davidson-Williams / Campbell Agency Agents
Dallas Commercial Showcase (2011)Amy Levy-Lancaster / Casting Director, James / CORE Talent Agent, Barbara / Campbell Agency Agent
Dallas Commercial Showcase (2010)Amy Levy-Lancaster, Shannon Pinkston
Special Skills
Dancing (9 yr), Horseback riding, rock climbing, wakeboarding, cosmetology student, good with animals, snow skiing, wake-surfing, pilates