Resumé: Henry George Jarrett
Date of Birth: February 3, 2006
Height: 4’2”
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown
FivePoints Credit Union“Take Us Away”Revelator Productions
General Mills-Chex“The Pearsons” (SAG)-PrincipleHome
Chuck E. Cheese’s“Chuck E. Cheese” (SAG)-PrincipleSugar Production
Monk Fruit in the Raw“Monk Fruit”-PrincipleAlex Carone, Exec. Producer
Mrs. Smith’s“Mrs. Smith’s”-PrincipleAlex Carone, Exec. Producer
Bridgeland“Bridgeland”-PrincipleFueld Films, Production
HEB“Healthy at HEB”-PrincipleRichards Group
Coleman Outdoor“Not All of It” (SAG)-PrincipleChristopher Rogers, Producer
DellDell Internal Marketing
FlexjetThomas Heinser, PhotographerRichards Group, Agency
Wizard of OzSummer Production~ “Scarecrow”Kids Acting Studio
Vocal TrainingAugust 2012-CurrentTexArts Academy
Dance (Tap)2013-2014TexArts Academy
Hip Hop CampJune 2011PAIYA-Austin
Commercial Audition WorkshopAugust 2011Chris Ann Seay
Special Skills
Entertainment:Impersonation, Character Development and Strong Memorization/Retention skills
Singing: Real Vocals & Lip Sync
Vocal Abilities:High Pitched Baby Boy, Sarcastic, Excited, Sweet & Friendly, Angry, Sassy
Water:Strong Swimmer, tubing
Sports: T-ball, swimming, soccer, bowling, miniature golf, flag football-strong general athletic skills
Physical:Running, skipping, hopping, riding scooter & bike, hula hoop