Resumé: Jaelyn Smallwood
LowesPrincipal/daughterVoice Over
Voyager LearningStudentVoyager/Cambium Learning
“Oh, Sweet, Cool!”Student/SupportingBurndt Productions
“If I Knew Then,Student/SupportingEgg Entertainment, Inc.
What I Know Now”
Sound of MusicBrigetta Von TrappMcKinney Youth Theater
CatsGrizabellaPlano Youth Theater
MulanLingMcKinney Youth Theater
Beauty and the BeastSilly GirlMcKinney Youth Theater
AnniePepperMcKinney Youth Theater
Film WorkshopJoey Paul Jensens
Performance CampChris Ann Seay
Audition FocusMatt Fletcher – Talent Works
Acting for FilmCathryn Sullivan Acting Studio
Commercial AuditionChris Ann Seay
Hollywood Across -Jane Jenkins, Dorian Frankel,
America SymposiumBeth Klein, Merri Sugarman,
Tisha Blood, Kaitlin Shaw
Film WorkshopTy Harman
Audition WorkshopToni Cobb Brock
Film WorkshopRyan Glorioso
VocalGuitar Sanctuary / Joseph Jones
Acting On Camera/Lauren LazellYoung Actors House
Voice-Over Intensive/Cathryn HarttHartt & Soul Studio
Kids On-Camera
Excellent at taking directions; Superb memorization skills, Singing, Tennis, Swimming and Dance