Resumé: Jaime Matthis
5'8" / brown / brown / 4/14/00
Shelley GarrettKyle (lead)Mark Hunter Production
HamletHamlet (lead)School Production
Midsummer Night’s DreamPuck (supporting)School Production
Peter Pan The MusicalPeter Pan (lead)Edge Studio-Plano
Whitney the MusicalPrincipal Role (supporting)TBAAL
Hidden in the Heart of TexasChoir & School boy (Extra)Post Hollywood
Nerf-HasbroInt’l Commercial (principal)Stone Core Film
Nerf-HasbroInt’l Commercial (principal)Stone Core Film
Digital Video Media PromotionTeen Actor/Video (principal)Silver Mountain Productions
The Boy Scouts of AmericaPrint/Commercial (principal)Fleishman/Hillard
Beyblades Shogun-HasbroHero Kid (supporting)Stone Core Film
Audition BreakdownBrittany Ross1 year
Disney TechniqueBrittany Ross1 year
On Cameral TechniquesKate Lacey1year
Cold ReadTerrance Hines1 year
Audition TechniquesTerrance Hines1 year
Acting Intensive (TV/Film/Improv.Terrance Hines2 years
Auditioning for Prime Time TVTy Harmon1 year
Film 1-3Cathryn Sullivan2 years
Acting/On CameraHarrt & Soul1 year
Audition TechniquesDavid Gray1 year
Hip Hop DanceAllison Stoner1 year
Vocal Coach/SingingShaun Royer1 year
Vocal Coach/SingingNAMS1 year
Acting Intensive (Film/Improv/Audition)Chris Ann Seay1 year
Commercial AuditionChris Ann Seay1 year
Acting and CoachingTerrance Hines1 year
British/Canadian DialectNatalie Ames1 year
Special Skills
Accents: British, Canadian, Ney York/East Coast, Rural, Urban. Dance Hip Hop, African Drumming Public Speaking, School Club Leadership, Basketball, Football,Martial Arts - Taekwondo, Track , Skateboard, Soccer, Swimming - breast stroke, Swimming - freestyle, Host, Improvisation, Saxophone, Singer, Vocal Range: Alto, Whistler, Beatbox.
National Junior Honor Society 2013 – 2014
The President’s Award for Educational Excellence May 2014
LA Representation
TalentWorks-Matt Fletcher
Hines and Hunt Entertainment