Resumé: Joey Morris
4’11” / 70 lbs. / brown / brown
8 DaysFeatured ExtraJaco Booyens/After Eden Productions
Jonathan’s PlaceSupportingPatrick Johnson/Hold It Now Films
The Night of the SoulLeadDavid Shaver/TCU SFU
StryngsSupportingGeoff McGee/Spider Circle Films
Cowboy & IndiaSupportingFlying Canvas Pictures
Fourth and OrchardLeadJordan S Price/Flying Canvas Pictures
From Dusk Till DawnYoung Seth GeckoNick Copus/Dusk Productions
Boy Scouts of AmericaNarratorLambert Studios
Chuck E CheeseLeadCEC Productions
Dallas ArboretumLeadBandana Media
Do You Hear the People Sing?National TourDallas, TX
DFW Actors Give Back Holidazzle CDDallas, TX
Texas Music Educators Association ConventionSan Antonio, TX
Acting for Film, ongoingNancy ChartierDallas, TX
1 Hour TV & FilmErica SilvermanLos Angeles, CA
Film 1-4Cathryn SullivanDallas, TX
ImprovisationCathryn HarttDallas TX
On CameraToni Codd BrockDallas, TX
AuditionsKatrina CookDallas, TX
TV/Film AuditionDavid DoanNew York, NY
Art of the AuditionPaul WeberLos Angeles, CA
Commercial AuditioningBarry ShapiroNew York, NY
Commercials 101Cathryn SullivanDallas, TX
Acting & Singing I & IIDoug MillerDallas, TX
Special Skills
Athletic:Basketball (5 yrs.), Football (4 yrs.), Baseball (4 yrs.), Soccer (3 yrs.), Golf (3 yrs.),
Volleyball (2 yrs.), Swimming (level 4), Swimming-Diving, Running (sprint), Archery, Bowling, Fishing,
Water Skiing, Handball, Kayaker
Avid reader, Learns new skills quickly, Good with young children, Good with animals,
Ride a bike, Ride a scooter, Yo-Yo, Rap, Hula Hoop, Jump Rope.
Skills:Improvisation, Cold Reading, Voice-Over, Singer-Alto (Honor Choir 3 yrs), Saxophone