Resumé: Kimi Acosta
Film & Television
License to ReproduceSupportingDirector AD Massi
ChildsplayLeadInner-City Filmmakers
Foster ChildLeadYAS Productions
Hip Hop & Ballet PerformanceIrving Arts Center
IPOP Runway Modeling ShowLos Angeles, CA
Education & Training
Cathryn Sullivans Acting for Film “ongoing”AC1/AC2/AC3/FILM 1/2/3/4
Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy“ongoing”Theatre Arts & Magnet School
Cody LinleyImprov and Privates
Ben SullivanPrivates @ Cathryn Sullivans
Vicki BaumannCommercial 101
Joseph MiddletonMonologue Training for IPOP LA
Dallas Young Actors StudioImprov/Monologue/Drama/Cold
Nancy ChartierR.E.A.C.T.Comedy/Improv/Drama/Monologue
Reel Shots and Direction TrainingDel Shores
Amanda’s Dance Express “ongoing”Ballet & Hip Hop
Private Voice LessonsJoanna King
Special Skills
Bilingual: English/Spanish
Excellent Memorizations Skills, Can Cry on Cue, British Accent, 5th Grade Student Council Member, Character Count Award, Superintendent Honor Roll, Student of the Year Award, Participates in Fund Raisers and Charity Work, Loves to Cook, Draw, Read, Travel, Loves Pets & has an Outgoing Personality; Fashionista Award 2 Years.
Sports: Horseback Riding, 4 Wheeler-Mudding, Bike Riding, Swimming, Rifle Shooter, Roller Skating, Little LeagueBaseball, Fishing, Violin