Resumé: Kyle Schonefeld
Alice in WonderlandLead role, Singing, Acting, StuntsMcKinney Repertoire Theatre
Pirates of PenzanceLead role, Singing, Acting, StuntsMcKinney Repertoire Theatre
Willy WonkaJames, Singing, ActingMcKinney Repertoire Theatre
Academy SportsUnder Armor ModelNational Flyer, Web site
Cambriam CenterStudentInstructional Video for Teachers
HasboroBay Blades FanStonecore Films
American Heart AssociationFeaturedAMS Pictures
Cathryn SullivanFilm 1Cathryn Sullivan
Cathryn SullivanFilm 2Cathryn Sullivan
Cathryn SullivanFilm 3Cathryn Sullivan
Cathryn SullivanFilm 4Cathryn Sullivan
Cathryn SullivanFilm 5Cathryn Sullivan
Cathryn SullivanFilm 6Cathryn Sullivan
Cathryn SullivanMasters 1Cathryn Sullivan
Cathryn SullivanMasters 2Cathryn Sullivan
Cathryn SullivanMiddle School MastersCathryn Sullivan
Cathryn SullivanThinking on Your Feet (Improv)Cody Linley
Chris SeayAudition WorkshopChris Seay
Howard MeltzerHoward Meltzer SeminarHoward Meltzer
Special Skills/Highlights
Gymnastics WOGA, (World Olympic Gymnastics Association), Level 9, TX State 1st overall floor, TX State 2nd All around category, TX State 1st Rings); Filmed by “America's Got Talent” due to gymnastics ability; Football, Soccer, Swimming, Water Sports, Biking, Singing, Dancing, Fishing, Cooking, Skateboarding, Rollerblading, Ice Skating; Good with animals; Outgoing personality and flexibility; Excellent memorizing skills. Takes direction well and a quick learner