Resumé: Landon Brooks
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
The GameLeadBernadette Arrington/DreamTV Studios
A Little Christmas BusinessCo-LeadChuck Walker/Walker Productions
Extraordinary MeasuresDayplayerTom Vaughn/CBS Films
Daddy’s GirlLeadBernadette Arrington/DreamTV Studios
The SandwichLeadRachel Immaraj/UT Film
Find Your EscapeLeadGabby Brooks/This is It Films
One More DayLeadDavid Over/Eternal Motion Pictures
The Boy Who Heard WhispersLeadDavid Over/Eternal Motion Pictures
I Saw MommyLeadTravis Ammons/Travis Ammons Films
Brownie BitzLeadGabby Brooks/This is It Films
UntraceableFeaturedGregory Hoblit/Lakeshore Productions
The River WhySupportingMatthew Leutwyler/Steel Head Films
Ocean to OceanLeadNautica 360 Degrees
Behavioral Intervention for Tourette’sLeadNational Health Institute
Biz KidzRecurring ExtraPBS
Microsoft MultipointLeadExtreme Arts and Sciences
Microsoft SketchvilleLeadKirk TV
The Secret of the Golden VineLeadConnie Aramaki Productions
TwimericksLeadBrady Hall Productions
Amazing TalesLeadBrady Hall Productions
List Available Upon Request
Cathryn SullivanFilm: II, IV, V, IV, NM12 yr/Dallas Texas
Ben SullivanFilm: I, III1 yr/Dallas Texas
John LanschPrivate Coaching3 yr/Houston Texas
Special Skills
Cry on demand, baseball, basketball, guitar, singing, modeling, golf, swimming, voice over Excellent student, Best Child Actor Award:Splatterfest 2012