Resumé: Molly Wilson
Barney & FriendsAmyHIT Entertainment
Barney & Friends – “Perfectly Purple Birthday” DVDAmyHIT Entertainment
Barney & Friends – “Let's Go to the Firehouse” DVDAmyHIT Entertainment
Barney & Friends videoFeatured extraHIT Entertainment
Barney & Friends seriesFeatured extraHIT Entertainment
Barney & Friends video promotional trailerFeatured extraHIT Entertainment
Kentucky Gubernatorial Campaign “10 Commandments”Student, principalScott Howell & Co.
Kentucky Gubernatorial Campaign “Book Report”Student, principalScott Howell & Co.
Texas Tourism “Storytelling”Storykid, principalt:m
The Dallas Morning NewsDaughter, principalSugar Films
Christian Hill & Associates, LLPDaughter, principalTEC Films
Bennigan's – “No News”Daughter, principalMRG/Directorz Studio
Hasbro “Fur-Real”Sleepover Girl, principal;Stonecore
Applebee's Bar & Grill – “Curbside To Go”Sister, extraFoote Cone Advertising
AT&T Broadband – “Shopping Spree”Daughter, principalSugar Films/Temerline Adv.
Belo Interactive: “Apples”Molly, principalSugar Films
Time-Warner CableTiny Dancer, principal
All-Tel AliveGirl, extra
Radio Shack “Store Footage”Shopping Girl, principalCircle R Group
Rockwall ISD “Bullying Awareness”Girl student, principal
AMS Medical industrialDaughter, principalAMS Medical
C.C. Young Retirement Community promotional videoGirl, extra
Radio/Voice Over
Jay Mack (Triple-Edge Wiper Blades) VOGirlThe Point Group
Christian Hill & Associates, LLPDaughterTEC Films
Cook Children's Hospital VODaughterTaylor Law Advertising
The Teaching Doll “Smarty Pants”Smarty PantsRadica USA, Inc.
Mercy Hospital VOLittle GirlPoppy Writer, Inc.
AT&T Broadband VODaughterSugar Films
The Magician's NephewQueen JadisPullen Elementary Drama Club (2006)
It's a Wonderful LifeZuZu BaileyPullen Elementary Drama Club (2005)
Sponge BobPatrickRockwall Community Center (June 2003)
ShrekLittle Red Riding HoodRockwall Community Center (June 2002)
American Kids competitionSingerBranson, MO—3 silver medals in National Competition
HIT Entertainment's Barney Kids Acting Lessons (August 2006)
Bill Cowling's drama camp (2002 and 2003)
Special Skills
gymnastics/power tumbling (4 years); has mastered back handspring, back tuck, standing back and punch front
singing with Pullen Honor Choir (3 years) & Rockwall/Heath Children's Chorus (5 years)
SAGE (Rockwall ISD Gifted & Talented) program—2001-presentSchool & competitive cheer (7 years), whistling, loves animals, snow skiing, softball (2 years), bike riding, horseback riding (proficient at trotting), swimming, soccer (4 years on YMCA team), rollerblading/roller-skating