Resumé: Nadia Islam
Esta VidaLeadRachel Francis, Director
Professor Isle's Laboratory (Pilot)SupportingLance Barnett, Director/Creator
The Prudential InsurancePrincipalDianne Richter/Droga5, Producer
(Aired in Super bowl 2013)
UT Athletics Team StoreSupportingErik Horn / Yuta Yamguchi, Director
Rocher FerreroFeaturedRichard James, Director
Music Video
Artist: KB the Boo bonic – “2 Playa”PrincipalChelsea Hernandez, Director
The TwistPrincipalWindermere
Film 1, 2 and 3 Intensive (ongoing) Cathryn/Ben Sullivan Cathryn Sullivan Acting for Film Studio
Commercials 101Vicky BaumannCathryn Sullivan Acting for Film Studio
Thinking on your feetCody LinleyCathryn Sullivan Acting for Film Studio
Teen / Kids Film Acting workshopMona Lee (ongoing)BriteLites Studio
On-Camera Acting /AuditioningToni and Sally (ongoing)Brock/Allen Casting
Acting for Film WorkshopAlexandra NewmanLA Casting Director
Young Actors WorkshopDonise HardyA Casting Place
One on One Acting for PerfectionMaurice Ripke (ongoing)Private Coach
Hip-Hop Dance / BalletCMRC (1 year)
Special Skills
Academic: Student Council President at Windermere Elementary, Leadership Award, Honor Roll Student, Reading (Blue Bonnet Award)
Athletic: Swimming / Free / Butter Fly / breast and Back stroke, Karate, Soccer, Bicycle, Scooter