Resumé: Nicolas Kiernan
Us MinusJeremyLondon Film School
National Commercial (Candy)Dir. Norry NivenStone Core Films
National Commercial (Toy)“A Warrior’s Journey”Lyons/Uproar
Heavenly HighSupportingGodZone Productions
Left Brain CreativeChat Room GuyIndustrial
Voyager LearningCastIndustrial
Sunday School TrainingPrincipalFrameworks Productions
Music ManMarcellus/Support RoleLCA-Frisco (5/11)
Nic Kiernan BandLead SingerHouse of Blues (3/10)
Madrical DinnerKing’s CourtLCA-Frisco (09 &11)
Sound of MusicFriedrich VonTrappLCA-Frisco (5/09)
Blues BrothersPrincipleLCA-Frisco (4/09)
Exposure ShowcaseSkitHub Theater (6/09)
Broadway Musical MedleyCast/singPMLC (2 Years)
Character CrewCast/singLCA-Frisco
JC Penney Print Model
Dillard’s Fall Fashion Show
Scene WorkAmber HornCasting Connection
Film 1, 2, 3 & 4Cathryn SullivanEveryBody Fits
Acting SeminarMitchell GossettCathyrn Sullivan Acting
Disney SeminarHoward MeltzerEverybody Fits
Disney SeminarShannon FlynnEverybody Fits
Audition WorkshopsChris Ann SeayKD Studios
Intensive ImprovCathryn HarttHartt and Soul Studios
Private coachingCathryn HarttHartt and Soul Studios
On Camera CommercialTina MarieNY-LA-NASH Entertainment
Special Skills
Voice - sings Bass, All Region Choir ’08, ‘09, ’10, ’11, ’12. All State Choir ’09 & ’11, ’12;
Guitar, video filming & editing, acting, snowboarding