Resumé: Paige Elkins
Texas Motor Speedway Commercial (6/27/2013)
Cambridge Learning video (4/2011)
Cambridge Learning Video (5/2012)
AC1-4 Class
10/2012 – 7/31/2013Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film
Private LessonsCristina McAlister
8/2011 - OngoingInterview, Coaching, Routines, Consultations
Acting Private LessonsInstructor: Cathryn Hartt
4/2011Monologue, Commercial and Scene Study
Modeling Private LessonsInstructor: Carlotta Lennox
3/2011Runway and Posing
Acting Private LessonsInstructor: Phyllis Cicero
2/26/11 – 4/1/11Monologue, Commercial and Scene Study
Acting WorkshopKD Studio Instructor: Ambre Lowe/ Dari Hayes
1/15/11 – 3/12/11Kreative Dramatics: Basic commercial/Camera techniques;
Special Skills
Actor, Modeling, Soccer, Softball, Gymnastics, Roller skating, Swimming, Bike Riding, 4 Wheeling