Resumé: RaeLynn Bratten
44”/Hzl/Brn/age range 4-7
Ghost NoteVickyBruce Coleman
Two To Go (NBC Pilot)GraceJason Bateman
Down & OutClaire BurrowsBryan Greene
AAFES Solute to momchildAmy Mitchell
AAFES commercialdaughterTerry Smith
Russell Planetariumfeatured young girlPaul Escalante
Texas Tourismyoung girl
John D’AquinoBurbank, CAworkshop
Kina Bale-ReedDallas, TX6 week class
Chis SaeyDallas, TXAudition w.s.
Justine HuntBurbank, CAAudition w.s.
Other work
Baby Miss Lake Worth 2014
Performed “America the Beautiful at Mayfest 2014 & pageants
Leads “Pledge of Allegiance” at city council meeting & Miss Texas pageant
Sings, Gymnastics, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Takes direction well, Animated, Swims, Acrobats, Trampoline experience, Skating, is friendly and outgoing
great memorization skills, can articulate and has good pronunciation, can read well with practice and repetition