Resumé: Arma Fitzgerald
Television/ Film
Dallas TV SeriesEpisode 209/Office SecretaryWarner Horizon TV
Public Access TV ShowMedical ExpertCharter Communication Production
UnrequitedOliviaO.S Production Inc.
Doctor DadMotherBrown Production
The Procession and The BellsThe LecturerCarnes Production
The International Oral Cancer AssocSpokespersonGhanbari Production
Fitzgerald Dental CenterPatientVillareal Production
Voice Over/Radio
Zafaron RestaurantSpokespersonAli Tajbakhsh Production
Public Access Radio Talk ShowMedical ExpertCharter Communication Production
Print (selected)
Side-Out FoundationDoctorGrapevine Media Production
Fitzgerald Dental CenterPatientD-Magazine
Hitachi ProjectorConsumerPC Mag, Mac World
RevolutionLead (The Queen)Beheshti Community Theatre
Wedding PlanLead (Mother of the Groom)Somayyeh Community Theatre
Commercial/Web (selected)
Keuring MorningCoffee LoverTrish MacCalister
Energy Assurance, OKNurseGrapevine Media Production
Side-out FoundationDoctorGrapevine Media Production
TV Commercial AuditionKevin Howard
Advanced acting class (Ongoing)Jeanne Everton
Cold ReadJane Jenkins
TV CommercialJeanne Everton
Singing for ActorsPatricia Ivey
Advanced Camera actingDeborah Stone
How to Audition (Movie & TV Commercial)Deborah Stone
Voice and Speech (Ongoing)Lynn Metrik
Accents and Dialects (Ongoing)Lynn Metrik
Film actingChristian Kaplan
TV commercial actingBarry Shapiro
Voice overAaron Marcus and Ty Ford
Television Commercial ActingDari Hayes
University of North TexasBFAMagna Cum Laude
Special Skills
Bilingual (Farsi and English, and Spanish in progress), audio prompter, teleprompter, voice over, certified NAUI scuba diver, swimming (breast stroke), bowling, dancing (Persian and belly dance), aerobics, pilates, yoga, riding bicycle, white water rafting, zip line, rollerblade skate, horseman, ambidextrous (I can paint with both hands), painting, familiar with swing, passport, licensed to drive, good with kids and animals.