Resumé: CC Castillo
Film / Television
The Great Race (2 Episodes)Peggy PanicElevate Pictures
Christmas Shop of Wonders (3)Warrior PrincessElevate Pictures
Roanoke Jones (1 Episode)Concert PlannerElevate Pictures
Great Skybridge Showdown (8)Jocelyn McTicElevate Pictures
Kingdom Tales (8 Episodes)Lady TristanElevate Pictures
The NeighborhoodAvaGreen Room Pictures
La Tienda del CorazonLuciendaKH Productions
Greeks of NatureInezLamendola-Allen Prod.
Crossword PuzzleFeliceCassibird Productions
Commercial / Industrial (selected)
Pizza HutPrincipal (VOC)Infinitude Creative
Women, Infants, & ChildrenPrincipal (VOC)
Voice Over
The Game ShowMaryElevate Pictures
Allaso RanchReview AnnouncerElevate Pictures
Roanoke JonesReal MotherElevate Pictures
Boy Scouts of America
Training (selected)
Michele Condrey Studio / R.E.A.C.T. (ongoing)Michele Condrey
Acting Workshops(ongoing)Del Shores
Screenfighting & Special EffectsScott Roland & Steve Krieger
WeaponsDoug Williams
Musical Theatre PerformanceBe Boyd
Secondary VoiceColleen Mallette
Analysis of Screen PerformanceRichard J. Allen
Special Skills
CrossFit, Yoga, Soccer, Volleyball, Running, Horseback Riding, Rock Climbing, Basic Screenfighting, Basic Weapons Handling, Singing, Dance, Spanish, Great with Children