Resumé: Helen Werst

Barney & Friends Grandmother MOS HIT Entertnmt; C. Spivey Producer
After Laurette Cook (cameo) MOS Westgate Productions
Community Window Primary Voice Over Paragon/Time Warner
KERA 13 (recurring) Pledge Drive Host VOC KERA Production
A Matter of Honor Supporting MOS Excaliber Productions
Columbia MedCtr Primary Voice Over Paragon/Time Warner

CVS Pharmacy Dancing Customer MOS Hill Holiday Adv
FedEx Kinkos Grandmother VOC AMP
PPD Pharmaco-Osteoporosis Principal VOC Conspiracy Texas Prod.
American Heart Assn Principal VOC Aries Prod.
AT&T Principal VOC The Richards Group
Capitol Records Spokesperson VOC Fifth Floor Adv

Michaels Principal VOC Dave Tracy dir
Trinity Medical Plaza Principal VOC GTE Visnet; Ricelli dir
Radio Shack "Netwrk" Therapy Principal VOC Circle R Tim Eaton dir
ExcelCommunications Principal MOS Paul Vela dir
National Chemsearch PrincipalVOC Impact Adver

Serious Mayhem Troupe Multiple Roles Nancy Fine dir
Let's Murder Marsha Lynette OnStage-Bedford

Improv STAGE Nancy Fine
Commercial/Meisner Wrkouts STAGE Jeanne Everton
Acting on Film Film Lab Adam Roarke
Acting/Commercial Workshops K. Howard, B. Brinkley, M. A. Austin, R. Kent
Voice Technique & Workshops B.Magruder, B. Michaels, M.Tobias, B. Pemberton

Special Skills
TelePrompTer, Ice/Roller Skate, Piano, Yoga, TaiChi, Drive car/ truck/tractor, Ride bike, Water aerobics, Great with Farm and Domestic Animals, Voice Over Specialist