Resumé: Jim White

JFKFeaturedOliver Stone
Natural Born KillersFeaturedOliver Stone
Houston Country TracksHostSyndicated
Tomorrow SpeaksHostPBS
Star VideoHostSyndicated
Tour of TasteHostSpecial/KERA TV

Commercial (Selected)
Brinks Home SecurityPrincipal/NationalDDB Needham
Nations BankPrincipal/NationalBozell
Radio ShackPrincipal/NationalRadio Shack

Industrials (Selected)
American AirlinesSpokesperson
Radio ShackSpokesperson
University of TexasSpokesperson
Boy Scouts of AmericaPrincipal
Sheraton HotelsPrincipal

University of Texas at Arlington - Speech and Drama Victory
Gardens Theatre, Chicago - Scene study
Cliff Osmond, L.A. - Scene Study, Film
Stanley Zareff, New York - Improv training
Marice Tobias, L.A. - Voice acting coach
Peter Flood, L.A. - "Life Before Language"
Scene study Adam Roarke, Dallas
Scene study for film Jane Brody, C.S.A., Chicago
Film audition workshop Rody Kent, Dallas
Film audition techniques Kris Nicolau, Dallas
Film audition techniques Shari Rhodes I Shirley Abrams, Dallas

Special Skills
Teleprompter proficient, environmental journalist, character voices, good with kids and animals, singer (member of international champion chorus), cooking and wine reviewer