Resumé: Josiah Rizzo

Feature Film
New Principal Jefferson
Kidzz Principal Kid Stevens
Sybil Ludington Principal Brock Dennison

Transformers (National) Principal Optimus Prime 
Hasbro Monster Trucks (National) Principal Boy
Dell Computers (National) Principal Son
Matt Fong Senate Campaign Principal Latin Child

Voice Over
Dallas Museum of Science Principal Robot
Arlington Bowling Museum Principal Pin Setter

JC Penney (over 100 ads); Dilliards; Neiman Marcus; AAFES; H.E.B.; Boy Scouts of America; Child Obesity Campaign; Blue Bunny Ice Cream; Frito Lay

Action! Roseanna Christiansen
R.E.A.C.T. Nancy Chartier
Toni Cobb Brock Summer Workshop Toni Cobb Brock

Student Film
The Probe Trilogy Principal Jude
TCU Coca Cola Contest entry Principal

HFCC Dinner Theater Master of Ceremonies; HFCC Youth Drama Team; God's Armor; Puppet Shows, Fort Worth Public Library; Reflections of the Resurrection