Resumé: Larry Inman

The Honey Hole Fishing Show Guest Fisherman Jackie Blackfoot Dir.
Dinosaurs According to Creation Doc./Exec. Prod. Patty Bedford, Dir.
Diving In Businessman  

Foley's (Father's Day) Principal
SW Anderson's Clothing Principal
Carvel Ice Cream Principal
Bank One Principal
Magic Chef Microwave Ovens Principal Keller Crescent
Merchants Bank Principal
North Central Indiana Olds Extra

Safeway/Tom Thumb Dept. Manager Leslie Karaffa Dir.
American Airlines Passenger Lou Ann Grose Dir.
Safe Sex Good time Businessman Stewart Cohen
Burger King Store Mgr. In-House

Commercials/Acting Workshop Gwen Banta
Acting Chicago Workshop Cheeba Thiem

Special Skills
Healthcare Industry, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Hunting, Fishing, Archery, Firearms, Baseball, Horseback riding, Water sports, Carpentry, great with dogs and farm animals