Resumé: Lindsay Seidel
HAIR Brown
HEIGHT:5’ 3”
The FinalEmily/LeadLionsgate Films
MeatGrace Bishop/LeadRyan Kline Productions
The InflictionRachel (voice)Incisive Pictures
Television (selection)
The Good GuysGuest RoleJohn T. Kretchmer, Director
Lone StarGuest Role20th Century Fox Television
Throwing StonesRachel BlackJon Keeyes, Director
Level E (Animation)Miho EdogawaFunimation Entertainment
Blood-C(Animation)Nene/Nono Motoe Funimation Entertainment
Steins;Gate (Animation)Ruka UrushibaraFunimation Entertainment
Phantom (Animation)EinFunimation Entertainment
.hack//Quantum (Animation)HermitFunimation Entertainment
One Piece (Animation)ChimneyFunimation Entertainment
The Future Diary (Animation)Reisuke HoujouFunimation Entertainment
Space Dandy (Animation)ZFunimation Entertainment
Shangri-La (Animation)Kuniko HojoFunimation Entertainment
Black Butler II (Animation)Luka MackenFunimation Entertainment
Fairy Tail (Animation)Angel; RomeoFunimation Entertainment
Eureka Seven: Ao (Animation)Naru ArataFunimation Entertainment
Psycho-Pass (Animation)Yayoi KunizukaFunimation Entertainment
Baka and Test (Animation)Hazuki ShimadaFunimation Entertainment
Is this a Zombie? (Animation)KyokoFunimation Entertainment
Shin chan (Animation)MimikoFunimation Entertainment
Robotics;Notes (Animation)Akiho SenomiyaFunimation Entertainment
Youth Classes VideoNarratorCovenant Church
Smite (Video Game)NeithOkraTron 5000, Inc.
Sun Tan CityKateLoomis Agency
Radio Spot DemoMultiple CharactersLoomis Agency
Industrial on Internet SafetyMultiple CharactersLeft Brain Creative
Success for Teens Audio BookMultiple CharactersVideoPlus
Tokyo ShosekiMultiple CharactersAerial U.S. Inc./HisashiTakahashi
List available upon request
Educational/Industrial Film
Pizza HutSpokespersonInfinitude Creative
Cathryn Sullivan Acting for Film 1,2,3,4,5,6 & Master Class
Screen Acting Workshop – Casting Director, 20th Century Fox
Disney Workshop – Casting Director, Los Angeles
Voiceover Workshop – Voice agent, C.E.S.D. Los Angeles
Comedy Showcase –Casting Director, Los Angeles
Commercial Showcase - Dallas Casting
Hollywood Showcase – Casting Director, Paramount Studios