Resumé: Max Ratheal

Radio Shack Principal Circle R Group
Super Poly-Grip Band member Publicis-Bloom
Mac Thornberry, Political Principal/VOC Ben Giddings, Dir.
Boomtown/Casino Magic Principal Shock (me)
David's Western Wear Spokesperson/VOR Ed Steely, Dir.

J. C. Penny Principal/VOC Mark Womack
Nokia Cellular Principal/VOC Cris Magid
Radio Shack (2) Principal/VOC Brad Petak
American Airlines (3) Principal/VOC John Davis/LouAnne Grose

Our Town Howie Newsome Theatre-Off-The-Square
The Laramie Project Narrator & Governor W'ford College Theatre
You Can't Take It With You Mr. Depenna W'ford College Theatre
Sylvia Tom Theatre-Off-The-Square

Workshops: Kevin Howard, Bob Magruder, and Jerry Houston

Special Skills
Teacher, Scientist, Writer, Speaker, Grandfather, Environmentalist-Conservationist, Farmer, Hunter, Firearms (handgun, rifle, shotgun), and Camper-Backpacker. Sing Bass, paddle canoes, drive anything with wheels, and a good Windmill man.