Resumé: Nathan Hudson
8 DaysTylerJaco Booyens
In the Midst of AngerJacobNathan Hudson
You’ve Got MailFrankSMU University (TV Short)
The BridegroomBridegroomAshley Adams
The Phantom of the OperaThe PhantomCommedia Ballet
Private Acting LessonsAshley Adams
Drama/Theater ActingEnrichment Classes of Carrollton
VoiceDavid Alexander
B.A. Public Policy, Economics, MusicSouthern Methodist University
Special Skills
Vocalist (Baritone-Tenor); Advanced skills in piano, guitar, bass, music performance; Songwriter, Music Teacher; Athletic, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball; Martial Arts-Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do; weapon handling experience: handgun, knife, Escrima; Dog Training Skills; Dialects: British, Irish, French, Russian, American Southern; experience in Script Writing, Directing, Producing; Drawing