Resumé: Todd A. Everett

Film & Television
Redneck County Fever Lowry Holmes-Lead Gary Kennamer - Dir.
Blood on the Badge Bill Marshal-Lead Brett McCormick - Dir.
Emmaculate Conception Todd Chapman Gary Markum - Dir.
Walker, Texas Ranger #0119 Juror#1 Michael Preece - Dir./CBS
Walker, Texas Ranger #0211 Trooper#1 Leonard Katzman - Dir./CBS
Barney & Friends Earl Bruce Deck - Dir./PBS
Walker, Texas Ranger #715 Cop#1 Michael Preece-Dir/CBS
75 Degrees in July Supporting role Hyatt Bass-Dir/Independent

Commercials (Selected)
Walmart National Bernstein Rein
Home Depot National The Richards Group
Publix Supermarket National Westwayne
Office Depot National J. Walter Thompson-CHI.
Venture National Publicis/Bloom FCA!
Ad Council of America National Earle,Palmer,Brown
Little Debbie's Snack Cakes National Tucker,Wayne,Luckie
Ohio Casualty Group National Jack Levy Associates
STARZ!/Encore National The Richards Group
Applebee's National Foote,Cone & Belding

Industrials (Selected Examples)
ROLM Industrial Spokesperson Video Bay Prod.
Harris Methodist Hosp(ongoing) Spokesperson Counts Comm.
IBM DB2 Data Products Spokesperson MHood Prod.
JCPenney* Spokesperson JCPenney
T.I.-Technology Week On Camera co-host Stone Core Film
Westcott Communications* Principal Westcott Comm.
LaBatts Brewery* Principal Hublein Prod.
Sears Principal DuMont Prod.
IBM Principal Corporate Magic

Stage/MultiMedia/Live Industrial
On Golden Pond Bill Ray BathHouse Cult. Cntr. Theatre
—Karen Lamb-Dir.
Jcpenney-Exercise Equip C/D Rom On Camera co-host JCpenney
Phillip Morris Dallas Sales Conf. Knight #1 K.G.F. Productions

Acting Michele Condrey, Bill Rhoten, Jeff Alexander, Ross Brown, Allan Miller
Auditioning Barbara Henry, Shari Rhodes, Rody Kent
Commercial Terry Berland
Voice Tim Smith

Special Skills
Expert: Tennis, Racquetball, Basketball